Ezio Sand

Patroller of the Desert Roads


Agility 3  
Animal Handling 4 Ride 3
Athletics 2  
Awareness 4 Notice 2
Cunning 2
Deception 2 Bluff 1
Endurance 3
Fighting 2  
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 2
Marksmanship 4 Bows 2
Persuasion 2
Status 2  
Stealth 2
Survival 4 Track 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 2

Accurate (Marksmanship) If opponent is protected by some form of cover, gain +1D.

Danger Sense (Agility) Re-roll all 1s on Initiative tests.
When surprised in combat, opponent does not gain +1D on the Fighting or Marksmanship.

Treacherous (XXXXX) Add Cunning ranks to Deception results.
When surprised in combat, opponent does not gain +1D on the Fighting or Marksmanship.

Marked (Scarred Face) Re-roll any 6 on Persuasion checks and keep the result.

Bastard Born (False – Temporary) -1 on Persuasion checks against a person of higher Status.

Destiny Virtue Vice Wounds
4 Prejudiced Pious 0
Armor Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
Padded 1 0 0

Weapon Test Dice Weapon Damage Qualities
Bow, double curved 5D 4(Agi+1) Long range, powerful, two handed
Bow, hunting 5D+1B 3(Agi) Long range, two handed
Dagger 2D 1(Agi-2) Defensive+1, Off-hand +1
Intrigue defense Combat defense Composure Health
8 9 6 9

Type Gained Spent Notes
Experience 49 40  
Glory 0 0  
Coin 0 0  

The following tale is just a dream. The faded memory of an heir since lost. The desert swallowed him. There are those of us who keep his memory, who will always know. We walk the desert without desire or fear. We spread the stories and guard the lesser. The last Son of Blackthorne is dead, only his memories will live on through our tales . . .

The red sun had just set behind the mountains, the sky was still brilliant yet fading as the cool shadows of the desert crept upward. The timing seemed so perfect, magical. But it was still omen, to have a child take it’s first breath just as the darkness of night struck it. Such was the birth of Paolo Blackthorne. He was born with the promise of his house, his clan, but the glory was not meant to be his. A sister and three bothers stood in his way of true importance. Torn by local feuds, his parents had decided prior to his birth that clan leadership was not a priority for their latter children. He was meant to be a soldier, an elite; and for this cause they pushed him away.
No sooner than he could walk, did Paolo find himself on a horse. Taken under the wing of a master fletcher and hunter of his house, and led away from their mountain keep, into the desert. Before any other tools became of use to him, he was learning how to hold a bow. It was all second nature to him, like speaking or walking. His master’s tutelage was far from gentle and kind, but even as a small child Paolo found comfort in it. It was someone willing, even if bound, to spend time with him. He was taught to ride, to move quickly upon the dunes. The track and hunt what scarce prey there was in their remote area. To track travelers, because you never knew was friend or foe. Trust no one. Be a master of track and bow. Do not trust your eyes, when all of your senses will guard you. These were his mantras. And he strove to master them – but his time was cut short.
When he was 9, Paolo was summoned back to his family keep. He had seen his brothers sporadically during his childhood, but had all but forgotten his sister. The favored one. She smiled as he entered and was told the news. He was to leave again, but not back to his desert. His parents explained that the time for him to serve his clan had already come. They had been given word my his master that his skills were already budding nicely, and he would be able to hone them where he was going. Though he would not be as free in his daily work about it. It was hard for him to understand. They kept tossing around words like “duty”, “obligation”, “alliance” – but he didn’t understand what it all meant. He was left with questions, even as his small entourage rode toward The Reach. It wasn’t until he actually reached the gates of the hall of House Baultur that he had an idea of what had happened.
And so, 7 years passed. Half a life, sometimes feeling wasted, sometimes feeling like everything. He did continue his study, but it slowed with only himself as teacher. Lord Baultur was kind enough when he was slightly older to take Paolo out on the hunts. He proved very helpful during these times, although the glory of the kill was never acknowledged when it was his. The trophy never found it’s way to his spartan room. Never mistreated but never loved. He just tries to live – and hopes some day to live on his own. Away from the the house that does not want him, and away from the house that did not keep him.

Ezio Sand

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