House Veilwood

As Quiet as the Winds

Located in the southern reaches of High Garden, House Veilwood is house created during the time of the Andal invasion. Despite their misfortunate history, House Veilwood remains a powerful and wealthy banner house to to the House Tyrell. Located upon a large mountain, House Veilwoods fortifications make it naturally adept at repelling aggressions form their Dornish neighbors.

House Veilwood

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Moonlight Mountains

Located near the southern shores of High Garden, the Moonlight Mountains are covered with thick forests and undergrowth. Moving through the mountains which is trecherous; abandunt animals populations such as Myrclaws, Mountain Bears and Shadow Cats make living beyond the protection of the hamlets and villages dangerous. As a result law is easy to keep in this area, with sparse amounts of highwayman that more often become victims than victimize.

The area receives its name from First Men, who believed one of the Old Gods lived beneath the Mountains. It is said during winter when Moonlight touches the mountain, the entire area glows brightly with a strange blue light. There have however been no recorded snow falls in the area since before the Andal invasion, and texts from this period area mixed with many mythologies which make the name seem a fanciful tale at best.

Defense Tower of Vigilance, Tower of Solice
Land Mountains, Dense Wood, River, Grasslands
Power Elite Archers, Green Scouts, Banner House House Betri
Wealth Maester, Mine(Silver, Gold)

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House Veilwood

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