House Baultur

Attribute Defense Influence Lands Law Population Power Wealth
Total 30 34 33 27 19 29 24
Remaining 10 14 8 - - 0 4

Nestled in the south western corner of the Reach, House Baultur is a young house which struggles with thieves, brigands and the fickle political peace with their Dornish neighbors

House Baultur

The Lords Family

Their Retainers

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Located at the furthest point south east in Highgarden, the hamlet of Esteredge has passed hands historically between both kingdoms until Aegon the Conqueror forced the old Summerlords to kneel. Further Dornish aggression through the generations had resulted in the hamlet being put to the torch no less than three times, with the last instance being in the year 173 AL.

Defense Hall
Land Hilly, Hamlet, Road, River
Power Vet. Infantry, Vet. Calvary, Trained Archer, Trained Support
Wealth Maester, Artisan

House History
General History of Westeros

  • 1AL: The Anointed Knight, Raif The Valiant lead a small militia in the south of Reach against the invading Targaryen armies. His campaign was successful in defending the lands around the river Esteredge. Following the death of Mern Gardener, House Tyrell raised a number of local heroes to the position of Lords to make peace with the small folk. Raif The Valiant was awarded the lands he fought to defend and was made the first Lord of Esteredge, an area that had before that been part of the larger territories held by House Ambrose. Upon receiving his title, Raif took the last name of Baultur, a reference to an ancient knight during the Age of Heroes whom was renowned for the care and protection he provided to the small folk.
  • 37AL: Raif The Valiant dies during the Faith Militant Uprising while defending a caravan of Targaryen nobility through the lands of Esteredge. Members of house Esteredge believe that the attackers were mercenaries from nearby Dornish villages which would one day become House Blackthorne.
  • 52 AL: House Blackthorne is founded.
  • 131 AL: During the civil war known as the Dance of Dragons, Lord Reihn Baultur attempted to plot the assassination of Lord Yorwen Tyrell. Yorwen had Reihn immediately executed and reduced the holdings of House Baultur significantly, but allowed the house to remain and pass to Reihn’s naturally heir.
  • 160 AL: House Blackthorne invades Esteredge, putting the town to the torch and claiming rich gold mines along its eastern edge as their own. The invasion would be known by small folk as the Waters Rest, as survivors woke the next morning to see the many bodies of their loved ones washed through the river to the sea, floating in the distance.
  • 233 AL: Following the Ascension of Aegon V, the second son of House Baultur, a darring strategist and military savant named Rolf Baultur succeeded in rooting out a large enclave of mercenaries form the Kings Woods that had deflected the armies of larger houses for a full summer. Due to his darring and unconventional way of thinking, Aegon V raised him to his hand, becoming one of the youngest hands in the history of Westeros.
  • 240 AL: Knight of House Ambrose, the Red Ant defeats the heir of House Baultur, Ren Baultur, during a tournament held in Highgarden. As part of the ransom of his armor, the heir trades lands to the north of the Esteredge.
  • 256 AL: Lord Robert Baulter becomes ascends to the head of House Baulter at the age of 8, following the death of his sire to Greyscale.
  • 258 AL: During the The War of the Ninepenny Kings, Lord Robert Baulter is a member of the van with Ser Barristan Selmy when Maelys Blackfyre is slain. Robert is scarcely 10 and joins the campaign after telling other Lords he is 13.
  • 259 AL: Rolf Baultur is slain during the fire at the Tragedy of Summerhall. Tales indicate that Rolf pleaded with Aemon V to not attempt to hatch the eggs, but would not disuade or abandon the king during his growing insanity.
  • 259 AL: Roberts deception becomes known. The Crown commands Robert to appear at Kings Landing. When he appears he is arrested and brought before the King. After a private discussion he is released. Bards and minstrels begin to sing of him as the “Boy Hero” for a time.
  • 265 AL: Robert Marries Lady Lianna Baulter, then Lady Lianna Ashford, first daughter of the small house.
  • 267 AL: Robert and Lianna have their first child, Margaret Baulter.
  • 268 AL: Robert and Lianna have their second child, Rolf Baulter the Fourth, heir to House Baulter.
  • 271 AL: Robert and LIannas third child dies at birth. It is named Rodery Baulter.
  • 277 AL: While Falconing with House Guards, Margaret Baulter and her entourage are attacked by highwaymen whom are costumed with white ash. Her head is placed upon a pike and left in the forest.
  • 280 AL: Rolf Baulter the Fourth disappears during a boar hunt. A full sweep of the forests near Esteredge only finds the presence of recent drawings in caves of white ash mimicking the stylings of Wierwood trees.
  • 281 AL: Kahlia Baultur is born.
  • 284 AL: Raif Baulter, Heir of House Baulter is born.
  • 294 AL: Lady Lianna Baulter is seen publicly less and less. She is presumed ill.
  • 293 AL: Following increasing border hostilities, House Baultur meets with House Blackthorne as an unknown location for peace negotiations. Following the talks, a second son of House Blackthorne is sent to House Baultur as a ward.

House Baultur

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