Maester Metcalf

A freshly chained Maester from Old Town

Agility 2  
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 2  
Awareness 2
Cunning 5 Logic 3
Deception 2
Endurance 2
Fighting 2  
Healing 5 Diagnose 2
Language 3  
Knowledge 4 Streetwise 1, History 1
Marksmanship 2 Crossbow 1
Persuasion 3
Status 2 Breeding 1
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 2
Knowledge Focus (Knowledge: Streetwise) Bonus Dice become kept dice for Streetwise
Knowledge Focus (Knowledge: History) Bonus Dice become kept dice for History
Maester (Cunning) Immune to household fortunes of birth house, suffer effects of Baultur household fortunes.
Add Cunning rnak to all Knowledge and Will test results.
Haunted (Awareness) -1D on Awareness tests
Destiny Virtue Vice Wounds/Injuries
1 Unknown Unknown 0/0
Armor Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
Weapon Test Dice Weapon Damage Qualities
Crossbow, Light 2D+1B 3 Long Range, Reload (Lesser), Slow
Dagger 2D 1 Defensive +1, Off-Hand +1
Intrigue defense Combat defense Composure Health
9 6 6 6
Type Gained Spent Notes
Experience 34    
Glory 0 0  

Metcalf hails from a banner house in the north. He was sent to the Citadel at such a young age, he scarcely remembers his childhood home. Soon his family had became his peers and tutors, embracing them and their shared pursuit as his lineage. As a young student at the Citadel in Oldtown, Metcalf had quickly proven himself a standout amongst his fellow students. Excelling in most endeavors, he fostered an innate keenness he naturally applied to all that he considered. He was a rising star at the Citadel, and by the age of 15 he was capturing the attention of a number of prominent Maesters. His own place as Maester to one of the more powerful houses of Westeros was almost certain.

Until a drunken boast, a cutting slight, and a stolen opportunity wretched the pride from his closest friend. Once confidantes, Metcalf and Belfric began to increasingly resent each-other. From what had once been a friendly competitiveness, a hatred grew. Their war had been an all consuming effort of conniving wit, escalating to a fevered madness. At it’s peak, Metcalf schemed constantly, nothing else mattered but the ruin of Belfric. Then, a scandalous accusation was proclaimed. Metcalf, Belfric said, had been secretly immersed in the occult arts. There’d been witnesses and evidence, he was trapped. Metcalf had lost, it seemed. Ruined and facing expulsion from the order, for the first time in his life it seemed the future was entirely uncertain.

However, Metcalf was not without friends. Particularly the sort he was unaware he had. An anonymous benefactor made arrangements to soften Metalf’s landing. Sworn to never speak of his sponsor or the events leading up to his hushed flight, he came to apprentice under a Maester of a lesser known house. Though not without a unique and prestigious history, over the long years House Baultur had been beset with turbulence. So too, was the houses succession of Maesters. Though Maester Cacil was an eccentric man, seemingly crazed and senile near the end, he hid an underlying genius, which he would share with Metcalf for the remaining years of his life as his mentor, helping forge his chain. Metcalf inherited his rank at 19, and is now Maester to House Baultur. Little did he know that inherence would also come with an unexpected curiosity; Cacil’s most favored messenger, the raven Wulfael. The two have not parted since.

Maester Metcalf

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