Kahlia Baultur

First Daughter of the House Baultur

Agility 4 Quickness 2
Animal Handling 3 Training 1
Athletics 4 Running 1
Awareness 3
Cunning 2
Deception 2
Endurance 2
Fighting 4 Longswords 1, Shields 1
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Marksmanship 3 Bows 1
Persuasion 2
Status 3 Breeding 1
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 2
Warfare 2
Will 3
Gifted Athlete (Athletics – Run) Convert half of bonus dice (round down, minimum 1) into test dice.

Danger Sense (Agility) Re-roll all 1s on Initiative tests.
When surprised in combat, opponent does not gain +1D on the Fighting or Marksmanship.

Attractive (Persuasion) Re-roll a number of 1s equal to half Persuasion rank (minimum one re-roll).
Blood of the Andals (Fighting) May re-roll one die and take second result. Once per day, add +2 to result of any one test.
Animal Cohort (Fighting) Whenever shadow cat is nearby, add +1D. Page 213 for Shadowcat stats.
Do not need to roll Animal Handling to control shadow cat.
If shadowcat dies, lose benefit and Destiny Point invested.
Honor-Bound (Deception) Must re-roll all 6s and take the second roll.
Destiny Virtue Vice Wounds
2 Monogamous Avarice 1
Armor Armor Rating Armor Penalty Bulk
Leather Armor(Soft) 2 -1 0
Weapon Test Dice Weapon Damage Qualities
Longsword 4D+1B 5(Athletics+1) -
Buckler 4D+1B 2(Athletics-2) Defensive +1, Off-Hand +1
Intrigue defense Combat defense Composure Health
9 10 9 6
Type Gained Spent Notes
Experience 21 20 Ath spec: Run (1), AH spec: Train (1)
Glory 1 1 +1 Lands (House Baultur)
Coin 314    

Description -
Her hair marks the heritage of the Andals with its strawberry blonde color that’s slightly too pretty for how little effort she puts into it. Although she’s often seen wearing simple peasant’s garb when out and about in the forest and field, she’s surprisingly just as comfortable in her well tailored noble’s garb.

History –
She hasn’t accomplished anything of great import, being both 16 and a female instead of a male. It isn’t that she regrets being born a girl – she’s often quicker and more agile than the young men she knows – and it isn’t that she’s a tom boy, it’s just that she’s more interested in physical sport than in indoor activities.

Associates –
Paolo – “best friend” type person
Raif – little brother


Weapons & Armor

  • Dagger
  • Long Sword
  • Buckler
  • Leather Armor(Soft)


  • Clothes(Peasant)
  • Boots (Peasant)
  • Noble Garb


  • Tent(Pavillion)
  • Water Skin
  • Backpack
  • Flint & Tinder

Kahlia Baultur

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